Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little Fake Focker Babies Numbers! by Diane Ogden

As you know from a previous blog post I have compared us to the Fockers.  A bit crazy, non conventional, yet go with the flow of the world, a tad eccentric, a bit hippie-fied, and also on the verge of upscale. And so on.  Which put together means soon.
The daughter and I are sitting in the doctors office waiting room, waiting for the blood test after drinking the nasty orange syrup that determines gestational diabetes.  In the interim daughter is asking old hippie Mom, who does simple numerology, which baby names are best suited to her personality according to the Greeks who invented numerology.  So I am adding up names on the front cover of the latest PEOPLE magazine...  Audrina, hummm....its a 1 - 3.... Great numbers but the 1 means Fake Focker Baby might butt heads with the new Fake Focker Mom?  Then there is the name Libby...3 - 9....great numbers, communicator and humanitarian. Same as the daughter.  Then there is Lily, good numbers but sounds like a dogs name. I cant remember all the names I scratched out the numbers of on that magazine front.  I think as many as possible until I ran out of writing space. 
I was also doing the crossword puzzle inside the PEOPLE magazine.  That is the first crossword puzzle I have ever done in my life. But then I have never ridden in a limo either. I usually opt for word search vs crossword.  Just like I opt for needlepoint vs cross stitch. In, out, in, thinking, yet relaxing EASY! Like "Paper or Plastic?" I was like a kid at the zoo with that darn crossword puzzle...I almost finished it up had I not been requested to add up the Focker figures for the future Fake Focker family baby.   Still I was up there on a "high" cloud for finishing my first Fake Focker crossword puzzle.  I am smart, I really am.  (Note another angle relating to Sally Fields comment after receiving an award many years ago...."You like me, you really like me!" said in a childlike voice.  Boy when we mess up, sometimes we really mess up and in  a big public way no less!) So here I am in big away my worst secret....I have never ridden in a limo.
"It is our choices...that show what we
truly are, far more than our abilities"
- J. K. Rowling
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