Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jimmy Choo I Think I Love You... by Diane Ogden

Well what do you think?  Me, I about hit the floor and the door on my way down after viewing the price tag on these Jimmy Choo Shoes!  I could crown one tooth for that, buy a good set of tires, a new wardrobe, an Apple laptop, a new flat screen TV plus Blue Ray, one third of my mini face lift, a new sofa, a new bed!! Never mind the bed, a new mattress, a trip to L.A. to visit my boys, and on and on. 
But aren't those Choo's beautiful.  Would that be shoes in Chinese or Japanese?  Fact is I do not know where Jimmy Choo is from so I am talking out my left brain.  That is the creative side right?  If not forgive me and consider I meant the right brain.  A bit high in the heel for any one's spine deal.  But then we thought that when the 3" heels came out in the 60's. 
I am glad I met someone who owns a pair of Jimmy Choo's Shoes.  You should see the dress that goes with these Choo's.  Amazing.  I still rather have the mini lift.
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