Monday, January 3, 2011

I Did That! by Diane Ogden

Do you notice how the sign is bent considerably more than any of the other signs down the way? I did that!  In fact I did that a couple months ago.  I decided to be slick and back into the stall.  My Dad and I are great drivers until we start doing the "back up" deal.  That is when we should just not do it, is all. 

When this originally happened, I got out after I heard the crunch thinking my back bumper would have a UGE (Donald Trump type huge) dent, crease, or crack, in the back.  But nope, only a little paint gone in one area.  I didn't tape my insurance information to the sign, or tell anyone...what dummie would do that so they could pay the "city" or the UGE (Donald Trump huge) Store chain that Ty Pennington gets all those supplies from on Sunday nights so families can get big new homes FREE!  So why would I need to help those people when I don't have a new home and nothing's free.  I went into said store after I bent their sign way back and bought what I needed and left.  Then last night I had to stop at the same Ty Pennington Store and would you believe "MY" bent sign is still bent. So I felt directly at home, decided to back into the stall (I should know better) and stopped way far away from the sign I tried to kill two months ago.  I thought myself rather gutsy pulling back into the crime scene.  There is an old saying, "The bad guy always goes back to the scene of the crime!" And I did. Notice I didn't say criminal...eeeww.  Not me!  I cant believe they never fixed that sign.  By the way its a disabled parking sign that is now disabled.

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