Sunday, January 9, 2011

Freak Flower! By Diane Ogden

On of my clients gave me this Freaky Amaryllis for Christmas. I was so excited because it was a baby when I rec'd it. ( I hope they don't read my blog.) Actually there are two "Freaks," the other one stayed three inches tall stunted, and this one freaked out to the moon!  I mean come on, its not even pretty.  I recall over the holidays it just kept getting taller and taller and then started to lean so I would prop it everyday in the window, and take it out every nite so it didn't get too cold. Maybe I should have let it get colder so it would stop growing up. During the day I used the cat tree as a stake to keep it from bending. I noticed the bulb a top this towered stem looked a bit ragged. I wondered if the cat decided to do some munching on it seeing it was residing on her tower.  I think so  because when it eventually bloomed the edges of the precious (monster) bloom were ragged and unbecoming. 
I didn't notice my lampshade was crooked until  took this photo so this magnificent "thing" has had some value besides being an annoying chore every day.  The other runt is still a runt, no motion of growing in the least.  I am not a person that can put living plants in the trash, therefore the plants are taking over.  I have several.
One from a University Dumpster someone threw out and it was freezing so I brought it home and propped the leaves up until it figured I wasn't going to let it die so it lived.  Funny looking, but alive!
Then there is the rubber tree and the dracia something that I acquired after an acquaintance had a stroke. No one watered them for a severely long time so into the back of my car they went...the rubber tree had three leaves on it and the dracia palm was over five feet tall with one stupid looking bush at the top which hung over like drunken sailor or air force or army just in case anyone might think me prejudice regarding the armed forces which I am not, merely grabbing and old saying out of the air. Notice it grew a new stalk after a year or so. And two more plants from a Curves that went out of business! Anyway... they now thrive in my apartment where there is no longer room for them.  Believe me there are more plant stories, kid stories, man stories, but you get it.  I should be in the field of caretaker somewhere other than my apartment and should learn to fix 'em, then release them to the world!  Or not!

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