Saturday, January 22, 2011 Diane Ogden

Dyslexia, if that is even how you spell it, is a very big word....sort of like Tires.  There must be 100,000 different types of tires out there as well as there are probably hundreds of different tributaries of and off Dyslexia.  I skipped seventy two days of my senior year because of a few of those branch offs of that word/condition.  Label? My challenges were teachers with no knowledge of my tributaries, numbers, sentence structure and retention of American History...Paperwork, especially with numbers on it scrambled like eggs. Cant put scrambled eggs back together but I do try on occasion.  I got fired from a job because I was unable to do the numbers on my I "eyed" them like you eye hanging a picture. It worked for a few years and I did my job pretty well until they "figured" out my "figures" weren't normal. They were close though because dyslexics learn real quick how to make a plan b. It didn't involve money of course. What dyslexic would take a job dealing with money...No way!  Oh and lest I not forgot directional dyslexia.  I go left when it says right!  Sometimes my decisions are affected by the directional dissing tributary....for instance I cant see things as clearly until they've passed.  That is what is meant by "too late!"  Or my favorite saying, "I have eyes on my ass!"  Of course I don't use that saying regularly so as not to appear dyslexically disabled which of course I am not.   I am rather extremely talented using the other side of the brain.  I draw, paint, sculpture, write, and design, all while going in the wrong direction.  I figure one of these days the tributaries will all come together at the mouth of some giant publisher and I will forgive anyone who ever thought I was less than brilliant. But for now, I am a survivor and I like me actually! Sounds like Sally Fields in the old days receiving that award, remember? She said, "You like me, you really like me!"  See, you don't have to be dyslexic or Learning Challenged to "act" dumb.  For lack of a better word at the moment. It does seem as I have grown older I can learn much easier. Maybe the brains of dyslexic humans mature later?? Or  maybe this has been another one of my imaginative dreams. You wouldn't know the truth of it unless you were in my math classes... I might donate my brain to science but that would mean I might die a slow death so its preserved better than a head on crash. what?  I cant wait until its over to see it  more clearly for the right answer.  Just a minute, I will turn around and read it with the other eyes!!
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