Friday, January 21, 2011

The 3:30 a.m. Dark Monsters......

And not the ones under the bed.  I already put the mattress on the floor for those.  And the ones under the sofa, have been replaced with photo boxes and other such monster killers.  The ones in the closet get the door shut on them before bed and disappear in the light of day.  The ones in the shower with the butcher knife aren't real, I know that.  I got it covered except for the ones outside the windows and the doors.  Since I have no decent dead-bolts, I hate that word, dead.  For something that is supposed to secure life, why is it called DEAD?  That is soooo dumb.  It should be called the living-bolt, or the life-bolt, or monsterkeeperout-bolt, or tough-bolt.  But no, every night I click on the DEAD-bolt.  Makes me feel great, not! So I con-cocked my own extra bolt called a knife-slide.  I slither a long knife in front of the door and under the woodwork.  That takes care of the outside monsters!  Now I will go to bed and dream good dreams... to hell with those monsters anyway.  They will be back, just like they visit everyone in dreams and visions... from under beds, in closets, under sofa's just before they grab your legs never to let go. When they push you off your mattress and you fall two hundred feet to the bottom of that ravine, waking up just before you smash into a millions bloody pieces! Thank God...Safe once again....until the next time that is.  I do have White Light friends called Angels, or Holy Spirits, or maybe my dead relatives and friends, maybe an old boyfriend reincarnated....and so on.  Those two, the black monsters and the white friends come and go depending on me.  What I am thinking.  If I am thinking negative then the black monsters from everywhere....if I am thinking good and wonderful no matter what...then my white Angel friends or dead relatives seem to keep those bad guys at bay!!!  Its up to me... I hate that!! 
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