Thursday, December 23, 2010

So They Say This is Christmas...a Happy Time of the Year.. by Diane Ogden

It is a happy time.  I love Christmas because I get to spend money with no guilt!  NO GUILT.  In fact I add myself to my Christmas list every year...  Today I went to the mall, because I never got to move to New York City and live on the 21st floor and walk the streets with all the fancy shops and magnanimous lights everywhere.  And my creations in all the Macy's window displays.  Yes mine.  So whose fault is it that only happened in my head and not on land?  Surely my Mother's, but not really.  It was my fault.  I chose to marry a jerk drunk at age 17 and not for any particular had to reason! I just did it.I didn't have to.  What for?  Not sure, to get away from the Mother whose fault it wasn't I guess. That is surely where the term "Out of the frying pan into the FIRE" came from.  It had to be from my and only my, personal situation back in the 60's.  Isn't it interesting how we always tend to think no one else exists but ourselves sometimes?  Driving on the freeway or even side streets I find myself looking at other people and trying to see their life.  They have a big huge life just like mine.  I want to say, "Hey, stop....tell me all about your life."  Then again I way hose' you folks keep right on driving by because I don't want nor do I need to know all about your big life.  I have one that needs tending to already.  And all because I didn't go to the Art Institute in Milwaukee. I had five babies instead and not a darn one of them live in New York City!  But a couple of them do live in Los Angeles. There is still HOPE for the big lites ....I think the 21st floor is out of the question now, and Macy's is only good for my Estee Lauder Super Cologne that I only continue to wear because when I "pass out" (and on) the kids have to be able to smell me when I try to communicate from beyond!  What's my blog point?  Macy's is Christmas and I have dreams that live inside the Macy's windows up and over there in New York City.  By the way, the drunk husband died.  The kids are all doing great.  I shopped for each one today at the mall...where the lights are not so big but at least OK and make me happy.  Merry Christmas to anyone driving by that has a big life I don't want to know about, and to everyone on every 21st floor apt. in New York City! 
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