Sunday, December 5, 2010

OffSpring OffSpringed by Diane Ogden

I guess that's life huh?  Our offspring spring up very quickly and go off and get sprung. Well, you know what I mean.  This was a happy union gone wrong. Sort of like the Civil War actually.  The North got lucky, called it a win, then took off.  Sort of like a snake, or an alley cat who mates and runs.  Yup that is what he did. Never heard from him again. Of course I could elaborate....but not going to.  So she is on her own, or should I say on my own time, money, emotions, house, car, and so on. I suppose we will make it fine.  Just sad to see her alone besides being so terribly sick she lost 25 pounds the first four months,  and when this is such a sharing time.  Wee ones are supposed to be created from love and I suppose this one was too...just that the love was short lived from a short hitter.  What do I know?  Just a good guess from an older wiser been there done that Mom and Grandmother.  Hoping for all good to come from the little nipper and from us to "it."  That would be right, we don't know the gender yet.  That comes in a week.  Something fun to look forward to.  Hoping for the very best and believing for it also.
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