Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Fake Focker's are having a Fake Baby Focker by Diane Ogden

That means God is in this baby deal all the way, humor humor humor, (me).  For the sake of the child, myself and the Mother of course..  I live alone, well I used to live alone.  Then one day my daughter decided to be like the Focker's and have a baby.  But I am an alone Mother Focker type...  and she is an alone Focker daughter type, who is now having a baby Focker alone child to bring home to the alone Focker home she already has moved into.  Get it?  We are the new set of Focker's, the other half of the Focker's, with no big house with men in it, or traveling bus house. Are we the poor Focker's? Oh shit! I just wish we were as  funny as the Focker's.  Then again, maybe we just are!  We have parents who live on a "Funny Farm," grand parents who are a bit nutty.  We have auntie's and uncies who are  off in la la land, we have cousins who do not visit thank God, but we have the good spirits! I have four real Focker son's  besides this fake Focker pregnant daughter.  If the real Daddy ever "comes" around again we will kill him and bury him and then call the FBI or DEA whichever drug he was using at the time, will give us our first clue what to do. Just like the old Focker Grandpa would have done in real life.  I am a lot like Barbra Streisand except for the singing voice and big boobalays...and $ and so on. My daughter is just like the Focker son...always getting into some sort of mess, this time a reality one for sure...  "Under the bus" kind of reality deal.  Hey, we just found out today its a  Focker girl!  Happiness Happiness.  And more Happiness.  Boy, Girl? Dog Cat? It's another mouth to feed and stroller to push. And there isn't a True Focker in site.  So F. (For Focker of course) Enjoy this Focker day and Focker Blog post!  
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