Tuesday, December 28, 2010

? Are They Gone?

Yes, "they" are gone, but not gone.  They are driving a Chevrolet across the USA, America is waiting just for them!  You know, that ole Dinah Shore commercial from when even I was a tot.  Back to my point. They left this snow covered Wisconsin Penthouse Number One Zero Five today after my noon soap opera finished.  Cody, my son recalls that soap, Days Of Our Lives from when he was a tot.  They were packing so it was acceptable for me to watch.  Then the dreaded for me, exciting for them, moment came to be.  Walking to the car, putting the last minute items inside, hugging the tear filled Mother, which neither will ever understand until they birth one of their own.  But they have manners and complied such to my tears. I mean they weren't the bawling cow kind of course.  They were the mannerly Motherly ones.  The cow kind were stuck in my gut and throat and brain and any such other places I could hide them.  I buy a LOTTO ticket once a week and I expect to win.  I tell the cashier every week that I am going to L.A. Hurry and check that ticket.  The cashiers ALL KNOW BETTER than to ever say, "Nope, Not a Winner!"  I give them the positive talk....(they get it now)  I really don't want to fall into the ocean someday because I don't like water, but I figure I might "pass out" and on before that ever happens so I might just gamble on it and go.  Soon as my numbers win.  The numbers are all my children's birth dates and mine.  See, cant lose with those numbers.  I am OK now.  Had an eye exam with dilation and cried some of those cow tears on the way home.  I figured if anyone saw me they would just think someone died.  No big deal.  People only cry while driving if someone has died, or if their son they hardly ever see visits for three days and then leaves again for 361 days. OK so I cant subtract...362 days.  Love you Cody and Laura...have a safe and protected drive across the USA in her Chevrolet, America is waiting just for you!!
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