Monday, November 22, 2010

Leaning Tower of Slat Racks, Rat Packs?

This is quite the site, isn't it?  I have experienced this site several times in Madison, Wisconsin.  And every time I experience it, my mind automatically suggests danger.  Ya think?  A slight wind, a slight miscalculation of the steering system, a sneeze, or God forbid another vehicle touches this ifel tower on the roadway...I could be toast along with others.  And would you take a look at the face in that side mirror?  I am SORRY to say I expected it to be a South of the border face, you know, down Mexico way?  But indeed no.  This was a true blue dumb ass Wisconsinite.  Even an Okie I could have accepted this behavior from.  Okie's don't be offended, it's merely from the jokes I have heard all my life and of course all the cars I have seen duct taped together in those parts, and of course my friend who pushes their old XR-7 in and out of the sun for the six large ferns they they store on its top!  Now you get it? This guy must be Norwegian. They push their houses to start their funaces. OK so that was a bad joke. My Dad told me that one years ago.
There must be money in carting around these slats stacked to the max.  Doesn't it remind you of the people, no not just the Chinese people, on bikes with mega huge bags of cans to return?  Same story, different cargo.  And as far as I could see there are only TWO straps on the sides holding this contraption together.  The only word I could think of while sitting BEHIND it was....irresponsible...then I thought of myself and the effect of all that wood on my hood.  Is that legal?  It can't be! I'm not dissin the guy for trying to make a living but come on....this is an act only a squirrel crossing an electrical wire over a main highway would know about. Both are equally dumb, or maybe equally smart, depending on how one looks at it.
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