Saturday, November 27, 2010

THE BIRDS, THE BIRDS!!! by Diane Ogden

This is Thanksgiving Day! I headed out for Best Buy to find a new computer but it was closed, so I was turning around to go back out to the freeway, and I ended up at the back end of the West Town Mall which you can see was EMPTY of all human life forms, except mine. I had never seen the mall empty before. I noticed a flock of seagulls all grouped together so I pulled into the area to watch them.  This photo does not show the extent of the drama I experienced with THE BIRDS!  It was like they were waiting for me.  They all huddled around my car, some flying directly ahead of my windows.  I didn't feel any fear, even considering I am old enough to remember the movie, "The Birds," which was scary as all get out.  If I made any moves they would all start to fly around my car.  I wondered what the heck was going on.  After a while I decided to leave, but just before I did, another car pulled into the area and a middle aged Asian man gets out, with a large bucket in hand, and ALL the birds go flocking to him. It was pretty amazing to watch.  They knew him!  But they couldn't distinguish between he and I or between the two different cars.  I got to thinking about their brains and just what they could distinguish....  I don't know.  I just know they knew a car was coming with a human in it with food.  duh.. I have to say this was all   quite a refreshing site for me.  Thanksgiving Day and this man was offering up love and kindness for these birds.  For on this Thanksgiving Day there were no other humans in the parking lot as usual leaving any leftovers for these creatures who did not have any idea what a Pilgrim was and why there was no food this one particular day...   What a sweet man he must be! I know I am thankful for him. Those birds could have killed me just like in that movie.
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