Sunday, October 3, 2010

What Color am I? By Diane Ogden

I was again delivering the new Sustainable Times Magazine to the Capital Square area of Madison, Wisconsin the other day when I noticed something I have seen many times before. You know how you travel the same road a hundred and fifty times when suddenly you see a house or business you never saw before.  It had always been there, you just didnt see it!  That is the story of the Food Huts in our city.  Most of them are operated by nice people from other countries.  There are Mexcian Food Stands, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mediteranain, Greek, and also greasy American.  Every kind of food and fruit imaginable and all in these little bity house huts. (p.s. some jewelry huts also) Might I add the food and products are wonderful.  I always ask myself the same question?  Why didn't I think of this?  Or why didn't any white man think of this?  Its ingenious to say the least.  Then this past week I noticed something I had never seen before....  A LONG YELLOW EXTENSION CORD running across and up to one of the cities Stop Lights. You know the Red/Yellow/Green stop and go lights owned by the city and paid for by our taxes.  Yes those ones!  I am not prejudiced....I like most all  peoples if they are nice to me and mine....but I did "wonder" what might happen if I wanted to plug my food hut into a city owned stop n go light how that would go over if at all?  Just sayin!  Just wonderin, is all.  What if I parked my car and decided to live in it.  Plugged my toaster into the stop n go light so I could eat...  Maybe I just need a toaster permit. 
Across town there is a man who has one of those huge barrel barbecue-ers. He sells hot dogs and has a red cooler for his soda pop selling...  I am going to check and see if he is plugged in to anything.  And does he pay taxes on the sales of his hot dogs?  He is selling them right on the city sidewalk.  I don't care if he pays taxes on those hot dogs, in fact I hope he doesn't have to.  I am just trying to understand is all.  He has an old green umbrella over his goods and works even in the rain!  People do frequent his umbrella hut, permit or not.
Maybe I should start a hut of some kind.  Only in my imagination! And yours....  
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