Sunday, October 31, 2010

Grabbin Some Candy! by Diane Ogden

Sometimes among the hum drum days of life, something pops up and walks right thru your front door and gives you a great big giant laugh! That is what this is all about. Halloween... The kids next door always do Halloween in a grand manner.  As is obvious here. And I am the picture taking Mom so I offered up my little canon sure shot.  Personally I look at it as a Nikon 980 (whatever that is)meaning its much fancier in mind than what it really is.  I little self focusing silver wonder that takes fine pictures for me and all who grace its lens.  I may graduate to the Nikon when my budget graduates. Or not. Back to the kids....they are all in their twenties.  The CSI Agent Female manages the complex I reside in.  The scary clown is a roofer and her brother, the Mario Brother is Luigi, don't know what he does outside of Halloween, Dan just wanted to continually pull the trigger on his play gun which was annoying and in some way sinful and scary. He made it too real with his other mannerisms.  Dan is in construction and just found out he has testicular cancer... he will be fine! And then there is Jake, Jen's boyfriend and the one in the hospital gown with the shiny buttocks!  Jake is a truss builder man.They headed to a party and then to the Nationally recognized Halloween State Street Campus Yearly drunk out and street party.  Each year the jail gets filled.  Hopefully these kids made it home. Don't know because I slept like a baby rock.  No one called for jail pictures so I ass-u-me they all made it.  Hope so cause the dog needs to go out.  Me, I jumped in one of the pics with my flowered house dress (mumu), no make-up, and sandals...just on a whim.  Luigi got scared I think.. It appears as though I am not only touching Jake's shiny buttocks, but gently handling Luigi's package....I AM NOT of course.  My hand is in the air and accidentally although appropriately placed strategically close is all.
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