Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Hole to the Center of the Diane Ogden

This is the exact spot, as a child, that being age 5,6,and 7, where my so called friends said .............
We lived close to this spot which is directly on Rimrock Road, Madison, Wisconsin.  The Spot, correctly noted by this street arrow is the horror spot my little friends traumatized me/bullied me with.  Let me explain...There was a piece of cardboard that laid in that particular spot for all those
years and each time we children passed it the bullies/friends would tell me the cardboard was covering a deep hole to the center of the earth and to stay away from it forever!  Crimany, I believed them!  Let me tell you about the word be it.... I was in my late 20's when someone told me an alligator could stand on its hind legs and run 50 mph.  Of course I knew better, but not before I gasped and said, "No Way Really OMG!"  My lapse in brain activity certainly gave me away more than once...and always on the hole to the center of the earth.  In fact I took this picture the other day... 2010  vs 1955!!   Ya think I never forgot? You would be right!  When I pass that spot every other week while driving to my clients home, I see the cardboard and the fear of falling into a deep dark hole to the center of the earth.  DUH!  I am so darn glad someone filled it in and removed the flattened cardboard box that covered that dreaded death for me!  I think it was certainly just for me you know?  I knew!
What a chicken "pooper" I was...A gullible piece of sensitive sweet little girl who grew into a similar piece of work....A lover of course.
Us sweeties have a heart as bit as the world and a place for many to visit. That makes us an easy target for bullies and cons, doesn't it now? 
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