Wednesday, September 1, 2010

People Cannot See White Lines on Road...

So I ran out of gas today.Running out of gas can be very hazardous to a persons well being as you can see by the first photo of the car coming at me in my parking lane. Nobody runs out of gas who has a half a brain and some money. I did.  My gas gauge is broken so I trip set my mileage.  I usually go 340 in the winter.  This time I chugged  through an intersection and putted to the side at 279 miles to an entire 17 gallon tank. What happened?  I had a load on for a couple days is what happened. The real problem turned out to be at least fifty people with less brain cells than I had today...that cannot seem to see the white line next to my car advising them its a PARKING LANE!  Take note of the car on the bottom photo that I am taking from my rear view mirror.  Look how far over the lane that person is.  I couldn't believe the trucks that almost hit me.  I re-seat belted myself and also figured I would be safer on a flight over the a storm. 
My co worker showed up with a full gallon of gas . She had to purchase the gas can at $7.95 plus the gas.  There went my Roundys gas savings card. In fact I lost money on this round. I still cant believe I ran out of gas.  But ALSWELL as my license plate has said since 1994.   
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