Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where Did The Time Go? by Diane Ogden

OK so I stopped at this restaurant called Texas Tubbs in Madison, Wisconsin.  I had eaten there once with a co-worker by accident. Meaning, we were exhausted and hungry and happen to run into this here Texas stop.  They play old time country music and I mean old time.  While standing at the counter waiting for my Texas Tubbs home made salsa and chips to go I struck up a conversation with a couple and their two daughters, who were laying, yes each laying on a bar stool while resting heads in Mom's lap. Dad was strolling about awaiting a table.  I noticed the lamp on the desk and commented on it.  "My goodness that's an old one."  She said, "Who are those people?"  I said, "That's Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. They were very famous in the 1950's with a "sit-com" and music albums.  Did you ever hear of his horse named Trigger? Or hers named Buttermilk?"  The man and woman looked at me and said, "No!" 
Jeez....I thought to myself how gumpy old I must look as well as felt at that moment.  Besides I was dressed in old goober work clothes to top it off.  Suppose there is more to come or maybe not if I keep my mouth shut regarding OLD TIMES when I am around YOUNG PEOPLE. doi  Cant believe they never even saw a re-run of Dale Evans and Roy Rogers chasing bad guys on pretty horses.  Thank God I didn't try to sing Happy Trails to that young family.
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