Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Learned Something Yesterday....

But I don't know what.  Actually I do but maybe not how to put it into words.  The complexity of the human mind and heart has always perplexed me and on occasion someone else's negative fiery knives cut through my softness with unintended sharpness.  That means that ever now and again I see a kind hearted, wonderful, sweet, caring and plain nice person do something beyond my understanding whether that be spiritual or fleshly understanding!  Such as:   I am relaying a blog story to my sweet, kind, and caring friend, called "Relocation Vermonation," where a client of mine trapped a little mouse and drove it to a nearby park and released it.  And from my previous blog you all know I try to kill spiders but cant, so I take them outside and release them also.  I believe we are all connected in some way on this planet. That doesn't mean to allow a bear to eat you or a robber to kill you without fighting back, but why harm little creatures if there is no need to.  What's my point?  My sweet, kind, and so on friend responds to my little mouse story with, "G-o-o-ol-l, you know as in Barnie Fife's Goooollliiee, or whoever said that. Then she tells me and SHOWS ME how she goes out of her way to step on them with her shoes on of course in her garden. My brain was not able to "wrap/rap" with the words she had said to me.  I was flabbergasted to say the least.  Maybe like someone who is a vegetarian thinking about how they slaughter the animals people eat.  Maybe like that.  The harshness from such a gentle person.  How kind caring, vs cold heartless, wires and cells, stop and start between the heart and the mind. Some can harm a mouse and not a human being. Others can kill a human and not harm a mouse. More people should donate their brains to research. Even our medical community does not have proper facilities to help the human deal with his or her brain malfunctions. No different than a stomach ache or ulcer, yet not enough is known why a woman would find it OK to YUKie doo wad, smush mices with her foot.  Oh dear God yuk.  : (
Maybe because she was raised on a farm! No offense intended, but then so was I... wrong answer!
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