Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I "Have to" Get Married

Goin to the Chapel and I'm gonna get m-a-a-r-i-e-d, Goin to the Chapel and I'm gonna get m-a-a-r-i-e-d!!I never was one of "those girls" that "had to" get married due to being with child, but now I do.  I have two teeth plus in need of dental care.  I have no dental insurance and even if I bought some it would take two years to be prosperously effective.  So I have to get married.  And I will.  I walked into my bank the other day as usual telling the youngin's there that I had to get married. They laughed and looked at me waiting for my next line again as usual.  I said, I need serious dental work, so I have marry someone with good insurance...wheelchairs welcome.  Of course I was being snide. Well maybe not.  ONE tooth cost $400 when you are in your twenties, $550 in your thirties and $1,500 in your forties, and $2,000-$3,500 plus in your fifties and sixties. That would be for one tooth that might need a root canal and a crown.  Personally I call it robbery because it is.  Only corporate employee's can get the good insurance to cover such nonsense.  I will not have false teeth, hell I hate bra's how could I handle two false floaters in my mouth...I would lose it, not really lose them, but lose it mentally!  I have to get married.  So I will. 
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