Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is Happiness? Babbette is!

Happiness is Babbette and Chris!(My son and his special friend) Except the part of too much raw food and psyllium husks! We won't go there. Babbette is fairy bells and hugs and giggles and guitars.... meditating and miracles, facepainting and feathers, love of animals and humans, and most of all quiet when necessary. Her and Chris listen... never a judgmental word toward anyone. I didn't know I was surrounded by unhappiness until they came and stayed at my home for several days....  Their happiness has been earned by following simple "happiness rules." Not that they read the Secret, or the Bible, or Charles Dwyer (is that the right name?)Those books are wonderful and help many... But those two human people read the Universe and all that surrounds them. They listen to the animals and are one with the planet. They harbor no anger or other such negatives.  They aren't perfect, but darn close.  So when they left yesterday their happiness seemed to stay for the rest of the day.  Then this morning it was gone and I felt a deep emptiness without "them." Or was it without their happiness.  I couldn't stop singing "I Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates," you got a brand new key... Babbette plays her guitar and sings that with such sweetness although I do wish it would leave my head now.  It's starting to border on OCD or some disorder like roller skating tics.  I don't know the rest of the song so one can imagine the annoyance of one line over and over even in the middle of the night.  Suppose its a message telling me to "get happiness."  Ok, sure...I'll go hug a tree and eat some raw food and talk to my dog some more.  Not!  Suspect it goes a tad deeper than that. It's just so quiet here without the fairy bells around her neck and Chris's gentleness. Her giggle is only a memory.  Yet I am ever thankful I got to meet and know her thru Chris.  She will forever be a happy thought. Maybe there really are fairies...  I know there are Angels so why not fairies? You just jingle the fairy bells and they make a way for you just like the Angels..  I wonder if there are Angel bells?  My mentor says the Angels respond to praying in spirit language.  Fairy bells or Spirit language. I'll do's always nice to connect the tangible to the spirit....with "tiny bells?"
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