Friday, July 9, 2010

"The Streaker"

Isn't that the name of a train somewhere in our country? I think that is what an Ambulance should be named. People would move out of the way faster, be more appreciative and feel safer don't you agree? I "got to" ride the Streaker yesterday morning to the hospital. Fun huh? Scary too! I got to thinking and we all know that can end up on bloggerville, and it is. Where did the word AMBULANCE come from? When I hear it I automatically think of the word sick, fear, death, ambien, and lancing boils eeeww. Wouldn't STREAKER be better. Of course it would remind everyone of someone naked and running.  Beats lancing boils and death and all that. I was always told to imagine people naked if they made me nervous or if I were speaking in front of a crowd. See it makes you laugh vs fear.  So I looked up the word and found a very dull answer for such an important vehicle. Its from the french words hospital ambulant which means mobile hospital (most likely horse drawn) and ambulant is from the latin word ambulant which means to walk. WALK? Mobile Hospital is understandable, but walk?? See what I mean? It should be a STREAKING MOBILE HOSPITAL. "The Streaker." Silver and Red with Red White and Blue lites. One more thing.... air ride shock system would be great.  I was dizzy and whaoo mama that ride was like the Streaker at the fair.  Well felt that way anyway. Truth be said, I am thankful for the Ambulant and the fellows inside it.  Could have been a real horse and buggy so no complaints from me. Just some ramblings. Probably side effects from the antibiotic. Don't you prefer The Streaker?"
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