Friday, July 23, 2010

My HTC Pro 2 is Possessed

I know I always blame it on something being possessed.  I mean it. It's true.  Yesterday my new HTC Touch Pro 2 arrived in the mail from Data Tech Services. It is a replacement for the one I had that is also possessed. It calls people, it scans itself jumping all over the place, people cant hear me when I call them and so on.  So here came my new phone! I was happiness and drove to U.S. Cellular to have it activated. Then drove to my first clients home, then to my second clients home. I put my new phone in the side pocket of my case and went inside.  Two hours later walking to my car a neighbor asked if this was my phone?  I just stood there blank. Then I said, "Son of a dirty rotten bag!"  I couldn't believe it. I then saw the tracks next to my car and recall seeing the MAILMAN go around my car.  Mailmen get real upset if you park too close to their business boxes.  But I hadn't.  I then drove to the U.S. Cellular business and had the old possessed phone re-activated. Also found out I will have to pay $50.00 deductible to get another new phone.... Maybe the mailman was possessed. I am sure my next phone won't be possessed.  This will be number 4 replacement. Don't buy an HTC Pro 2!!  Nothing funny in this blog post. I'll work on that for the next one.
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