Friday, July 16, 2010

Millet Mouth!

You know how all the movie stars get to do the "Got Milk" ads?   Well I have my own "Got Millet." Yes my son is a raw food person. He eats nothing that has more than two ingrediants.  I have not been feeling up to snuff...up to snuff, isn't that an interesting phrase?  Must mean I don't feel well enough to pack a wad of snuff under my lip. Ya think? Who is well enough to pull that one off?  Back to Got Millet.  Chris brings me a bowl of Millet, ala cart, with a spoon.  I said, "Where's the soy milk or hemp milk and fake sugar.  Millet is like puffed rice cereal.  So there I sat eating dry millet with a spoon.  Turns out it wasn't that fact it was pretty good.... they were sort of like tiny packing peanuts that fell on my shirt and stuck to me wherever they landed. Millet Mama is my new nick name...
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