Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Mandela" as in Nelson

So I am cruising through my kitchen two days ago, make note my kitchen is about 8 x 10 feet that is...when I spotted a black hairy spider also cruising my kitchen and not as in Tom... I don't care for the hairy black spiders, especially the ones that jump and maybe bite also...not as in Twilight, rather as in itch like a witch with a b. So plan A is the glass on top of the spider.  For two days I left that glass on top of that spider.  Have you any idea how many times I had to walk past that poor imprisoned spider every day.  But I would rationalize it by knowing I'd rather it be imprisoned than in my bed.  Yet guilt plagued me.  Seriously....ever since I read the story about the man that buried the owl that had been run over by a vehicle..the man stopped and buried the owl. Years later that same man was saved from a deadly motor vehicle accident in that very spot he buried the owl.  I know S H U T U P!  Well I cant help it...I am a green spiritual person.  Ever heard of that one?  It's a person that believes in doing things to save the planet as well as believing we are all one connected.  Including the black hairy spider I named Mandela.. Obviously because I imprisoned him/her for what must have seemed an eternity to such a little one.  He would circle the glass over and over trying to find a way out.  Finally something gave me the courage to take a piece of paper and slip it under the glass and Mandela. Whalla oh' my God it worked...  (When I was a kid I couldn't every  hold a jar with bugs in it and here I am carrying it away) I took it outside my apt. to the front entrance through TWO doors, (should have seen me open doors with my elbows) and outside to FREEDOM!  I let Mandela go and he scurried like it was life or death. Duh it was! He/She didn't just scurry, it was run like hell and what just happened to me. No he didn't turn around and thank me in any way...just ran like the fire of hell was behind him/her.  I could only wonder how he sustained life with so little oxygen for two days under glass.  And with a monster cat circling his glass enclosure as well. Jeez Louise! You might think me crazy, but I am not.  We are all connected and there was no reason for Mandela to die.  He didn't hurt me, he just happened to walk across my kitchen floor. Dummie.And for once I listened to POSITIVE GUILT!  By the way, that isn't Mandela under the glass in the photo. I had already freed Mandela and then realized I needed to take a picture for my blog, so I used a Pistachio nut. Sorry but you get it.  Right?
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