Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are You Smarter Than a Veterinarian? by Diane Ogden

If you read the previous blog post you would know I needed to take one of my two pets to the vet considering we are having a drama casting happening aorund here. Along with the standard animal heirarchy  between a dog and a cat. One being out of her weight catagory by 2 lbs. Not fair huh?  That 's only in wresting and cage fighting. But then this is getting to that point so down to the storage bin I go, get the cat carrier, line it with a nice clean shower towel mat.....trick the cat and stuff her inside the tiny blue prison. I dont like blue...I need a new prison scary carrier for her. She begins the howling process of which I thought I was prepared. Not. We get a block away and I realize my "singing" to her is not really working so I stopped. She didn't.  I started again....she seemed to like it some. What did work was my putting as many fingers from my right driving hand between the prison rails so she could touch me.  There, it worked...so I drove with one arm eleven miles to the Vet.  We discussed her issues.  Ears, butt, hairballs, and of course the young greedy Vet had to find teeth issues.  You see hairballs and ear issues aren't bank breakers. Teeth on the other hand are! So they did an ear swap, tested it.. came to get her to clean her ears out.  Came back fairly soon telling me they decided to stop because she was turning blue.  Really.  They suggested I come back and have her put under ANESTHESIA $$$$$$$$$$$, have her teeth cleaned and ears.  I am still back on BLUE..how do you know a cat is turning blue...  I guess by their gums..I didn't ask.  They did mention she was salivating before turning blue. I understood and this time did not have to shove her into the little blue riding prison thingy, she dove in.  I knew that meant, Mom get me outta here.  I told her this was not a good thing.  At the front desk they tried to sell me some fish oil vitamins for her to help her ears in case its a allergy to food. Yet I am leaving with the same problem I came with. The front desk girl told me I owed $75.00.  I paid it. I left. On the way home I got pissed. What did I pay for?  Their time?  What about my time? I went there for services I didn't receive. Get real! They are closed and that is good as I need to think before I speak ......to them regarding this banking error they have made using my bank while doing so. By the way, I told the young veterinarian that the other vet was able to handle Lucy Cat... she didn't say anything. That is the key you know...  Silence puts the other person on the defense.  I wonder if they went to sales training school. I think so.  My Veterinarian, My Doctor, My Dentist,they all have a banking plan to get me to go thru the gammit of tests draining the account little by little until finally a result of whatever sort.  Of course I 'm right. It's called legal robbery. I will be calling them back tomorrow and looking for a new Veterinarian.  This isn't their first boo boo.
photo from: terriorman.blogspot.com
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