Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Adulterous Husband (I found this going thru old papers) 1998

This is from 1998..eeww  Emotions 101
The Adulterous Husband: ( Obviously I had one and obviously I wrote what Sandra Bullock probably wrote on her journey back to an honest life!) I'm b- a- a- c- c- k- k! Hello its 2010, just happened to find some old writings/journals from twelve years ago.  Decided to share one or two...oh Lord there's more.

                The Adulterous Husband
There are millions of miles somewhere, but not here.
I clean it and reclean it, like many victims do...
I'm surrounded by tiny people, I yearn for the mature.
My toenails are red and gams clean shaven..for what?
I look forward to sleep, but cannot.
Will the world's fate find me in a corner?
Just to take me to another?
Oh Father, don't let me die of his confinement.
At the hands of a demon, a devil, a thief....
Or, did I invite the tragedy?
A theif, a destroyer, a murderer used me...
I never knew.
Did the trash come in even though I cleaned and cleaned?
How can the winds blow when there is no storm?
I didn't see one.
Maybe ingnorance alone is to blame.
It's said we can only blame ourselves....
Do you suppose?
I missed the warnings...the Angels voices...
Who can you trust? Not a heathen.
Little hearts, big hurts, others to busy to see.
Statistics, whores, adulterer's...many
The woman at the well, Ester, The Queen..
I am sure there will be an outcome for he.
Maybe he will hang himself and not me.
Turning back I will never do, if it's not too late.
No one should bear this kind of pain,
No one should feel this kind of hate.
The little hearts mean more each day...
Angels guard me not be taken by stress.
For the likes of a fool and his flounderous test.
I'll serve myself and mine from this day on...
You spared me once more from a serious con.
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