Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soup Cans and Brillo Pads

Have you ever cut yourself on a soup can lid? Or Green bean lid, or any metal lid? Billo Pad is made of long metal strings.  I know that!  But somewhere in my mind I forgot.  At a clients home, using a Brillo Pad on the stove they used like a campfire...I went to rinse it out and noticed a string hanging from the pad.  The "OCD" that tries to find a home within my mental walls, told me to get rid of that out of place strand of string on the steel pad.  Note that word STEEL...Steel is hard and sharp eh?  So I pull the string to remove it ....don't you know it cut the living bee jee bees out of my right hand middle finga! The blood was speaking to me all over the place.  It was saying duh wit lady...steel cuts, HELLO.. That wasn't string you dilly wadder it was a miniature RAZOR!   Felt great yes indeedy.  Just sayin, don't pull any strings off your brillo pads.  They are killer pads. Blood makers. Throb dobbers. Life stoppers for one day for sure. Try washing your hair with your left hand!  
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