Saturday, June 19, 2010

Peter's Robot, Hal

Hey, Remember my friend Peter. The one who is agnostic and blames the Catholic Nuns for such a view of the afterlife, or better said, "The Nuns caused  him to believe there is "None" afterlife. He says ya just stop being, then get placed in different dust container next to the squirrels and skunks and simply are no more. No spirits, no ghosts, no demons, no angels, no heaven, no hell, nadda "NUN!" So Peter has to hurry and live life and make lots of money so he can go to New England and sit by the waters edge and talk to the birds. He wishes for a woman but I think the birds might be easier at this point in life. Because he cant find women who had bad "Nuns" when they were kids and believe in seperate dust containers like him. In other words they believe.  He says he wasn't molested by any Catholic anybody...just bad "Nuns!"  You know the ones that hit your knuckles with sticks. Ya, those. Isn't that where the term "BY GOD, I will beat your ars and knuckles!"  So what's a kid to think?  That by God's wish he got beat.  Yet one would think after 50 years or so Peter would have seen some spiritual goodness from the world of afterlife.  Guess not YET.  So Peter's latest toy in his financial plan to make it rich is:  The downloaded Robot. Note the word loaded!  Loaded with what? $$, or is the Robot Robber?
I think the Nun's might come in behind the Robot Robber on a scale of deceivership. Is there such a word? And Peter paid for the it, the robot money maker of foreign exchanging dollars. He named it Hal from the movie 2001. I don't remember it but everyone else will I am sure.
Peter talks 24/7. He calls and I listen. If I yell really really loud he will stop for nano seconds so I have to hurry and speak.  Peter is very smart. He should have used the money for the robot to go on Jeprody. I didn't spell that right. Darn blogger dismissed spellcheck! Peter has a photographic memory. He likes to ask me questions from our high school biology class full well knowing I will falter the answer and he will look smarter.  It's ok, he lost all his hair and can't find a woman who new Bad I let him look smarter all the time.  You know what?  I hope that Finanacial Robot makes him millionaire!!  Then I hope he gives me at least $10,000 so I can move to L.A. with my boys that love me! (Just for listening to him since 2004!)  He does tell funny jokes. Every joke he has ever known in fact. Problem is I can't remember jokes, so I just listen and laugh.
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