Friday, June 25, 2010

Pepe' Le Pew

This would be Pepe' Le Pew...or better known as Gracie Allen Ogden.  She is a rescue dog...half Pomeranian and half Chihuahua..or is it Chihauhau? Either way you get it.  I have had her for 2.5 years. I cannot poo train her.  I have her podie trained but no poo trained.  I have new carpet so she lives in my Bedroom all day while I am at work. As soon as I hit the door I take her outside and she podies.  We come back in and I let her run free while keeping a close eye on her, sometimes even keeping her in my office with me.  But when I walk back out to my living area, Whalla...Pepe Le Pew has struck again like a ninja burglar.  I keep a piece of carpet over the spot she has claimed as her  privately owned pooing section.  I'ts really bad when she has diarhea. OMG I think I finally spelled that right after 40 years of not doing so. I own a company called Resolve Carpet cleaner by now.  I just have no answers anymore.  The frustration level is that of sitting on the tarmack for 7- 10 hours. Nothing you can do but wait and clean it up. I know their small. But pew-y! And nastily unsanitary.
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