Sunday, June 6, 2010

Not a Whimsical Table...

I found this table on the side of the road.  Yes I was garbage digging. Really I was walking the dog and this table was in someone's garbage. It was and is majorly beat up.  Two of the legs are bolted on with metal plates and screws like someone did major surgery on it. Seriously.. There is a slot for what looks like a place for a pull out missing cutting board.  And large dents in the top. (I have a glass piece for the top) While I was painting it I wondered if it was a young person's desk, or did it live in someone's kitchen and were they very poor considering the total major leg repairs. Or was the old man living with his children and bored so he kept fixing things that should have been thrown away.... Under the table top appears to be yellow paint and rust colored and brown and gross things which led my mind to wonder if anything dastardly might have occurred.  Like the carving of a deer carcus or possibly a murder was covered up by the use of said table.  I let go of the idea it may have come from the east in a covered wagon. Why dont we ever hear about covered wagons crossing Wisconsin?  It's always that they start here and go cross the "Plains." I better Google that. I Google everything I don't know and then some. Just in case the worst scenario happened I blessed some tap water and then blessed the table and its ghosts.  No what?  I don't have any place to put it. I had it on my Macy's low budget yearly porch re'do, but now its too nice. Really I just needed to get my creative juice's back under control and didn't feel like sewing. This be the result... I think it looks like "The British are Coming, The British are Coming, only thing missing is a white horse and furry hat!"  p.s. there is a matching chair outside on the porch not redone.
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