Thursday, June 24, 2010

McDonald's Employee Mad at Me! by Diane Ogden

Today as usual I was hungry. I recently purchased a new cold pac lunch bag so I don't die from hot mayonaise. I put two ice cold pacs in it due to the extreme heat in Wisconsin lately.  Today I came out from the last client with great anticipation to eat my ham and smoked natural turkey with fresh garden lettuce, omega #3 butter, and Omega #3 MAYONAISE half sandwich!  I opened the new lunch bag, took out the sandwich and pickle only to realize it was warm! Indeed, warm.  I took one bite just to see if I might be kidding...spit her out in the pretty purple napkin then out the winder toward the old oak tree side the road.  Then the anger set in.  I must take after my Dad because if his food is messed with he is off the charts something. All charts. So I went to McDonald's and ordered a BigMac Wrap. Its a small, tad more healthy little thing than their usual oil soaked food.  I have to ask for it with no cheese and no sauce as I am lactose intolerant. Totally.
I also asked for Mayo on the side because if I don't they squirt one or two packets of mayo all in one spot. Can you imagine biting into that?  No diff than squirting two packets into mouth at once. It doesn't taste like frosting for sure! Not by itself ewww.  So I unwrap it and there is NO MAYO PACKET.  I think to self, o well, eat it the way it is, no biggy.  Then I take a couple bites and something not quite right. I pull over into a shady area and open the wrap. There must have been a hundred thousand onions bits in there.  I started scooping them out with my finger. Picture that classy 8 x 10 glossy!  By the time I finished what you see in the above picture was on that little bitty burger in that little bitty wrap.  I could'nt believe my eyes.  So I got out the trusty camera and did an Onion Photo Shoot.  Do not even try to tell me this was normal.  Someone was mad at me for asking for something special out of the ordinary.
I can only hope they didn't do anything else to it!  I should have turned around and gone back came from McDonald's on Century and Allen Blvd. in Madison, Wisconsin...on June 24th, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. So if you were working that day on that shift. Shame the" hello" on you!
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