Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Am Not a Hoarder...

Nobody saves baby food jars!  I do.  Since my cat started eating one jar of ham and gravy every morning I save them. I have tried to throw them away and I cannot.  I just know I am not a hoarder of any sort so there must be a reason. I used to save tall pickle jars and I couldn't figure out why. Just like these little jars! Then a couple months before Christmas last year I decided to send all my relatives my special deceased Grandmothers Peffer-nut cookies.  They are the size of a large thumbnail so the jars were perfect. I also put Grannies photo on label  and on jars.  Not that I could get cookies into these little buggers.  But who knows. It will be interesting.  Although I swore I had over a hundred by now. Must have hid them somewhere. I even thought of glueing them to the outside of a door at the funny farm (family homestead) to see if they would act as a solar panel. Or like in the movie "Baby Boom" when Diane Keaton moved to New England area and started making gourmet baby applesauce which led to her being a billionaire.  I know that's been over done already.  Buttons? I have a button collection for no reason also.  I am not a hoarder! They'd be great for little beads or jewelry peices. I collect old jewelry and take it apart...remake things from it.  Actually I will just wait and see what grand idea comes out of the universe for me to use these little glass jars for.  How about buying an old car and glueing them all over it. Calling it a Glascar....like Nascar.  Parade's and such. Just have to watch out for hail storms. Which way to glue them on....open end or closed.  Wouldn't want them to mold if glued on closed. eewwww.  But they would get full of water and bugs and leaves and dirt and bird poo.  Forget the Glascar like Nascar.
Bad idea or not thought through yet.  Like I said, I can wait.
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