Monday, June 7, 2010

Fudgie Ate Ralph!

(Fudge is the chocolate colored doggie...The family recently lost Ripple to doggie heaven)

I hollered, "Maria!" (my helper at our workplace) She came around the corner and stopped and starred at me.  I said, "Look, Fudgie at my Ralph!" (Ralph Lauren Shirt) Then we both broke out laughing.  Fudgie is one of our Green Pets. (we do Green all natural cleaning) A brown, part Aussie, part Chocolate Lab or maybe all Chocolate Lab.  He is a very sweet dog....but he is used to me giving him cheap milkbone biscuits when I arrive and when I leave.  He noticed my business things placed by the front door.  Seewww, he decided to sniff and scratch and eat the pocket out of my Ralph which he did and as he ate the magnificent cotton stripes he came upon HALF of a cheap milkbone biscuit that would have been his given a few more minutes.  I said, "Bad dog!" He hung his head and I said, "I didn't mean it, you go boy...go for what you want and and need in life even if its a cheap half a bone."  The Ralph was used from a garage sale anyway. Maybe I should have chewed thru a few pockets in my day.... Good dog I say.... sshheeessh. 
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