Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Many Forwards I receive in my email box are hilarious, marvelous, wonderful, amazing, interesting, informative, fun, and keep me praying so I don't have anything HORRIBLE happen to me for not Forwarding to at least 10 people in the next ten minutes.  Stupid threats can be intimidating.  Therefore I have lived in a computer world long enough to hate forwards!  Especially political ones. Old people send me Forwards about their bodies and its inevitable changes. No matter, I hate forwards. Sometimes I delete them before I even read them.  Maybe when I am 75 or 80 I will have time to read them before I delete them.  That is unless I get cursed for not forwarding the forwards before I am 75 or 80!  I don't believe in an email cursing me. Unless it carries a trojan virus that is. And that wont stop me from getting to 75-80 so I can read the cursed Forwards. Now....if you don't send this to ten people in the next ten mintues, your new Stainless Steel Fridge will take a crap. And if you don't have a Stainless Steel Fridge, then something awful will happen to your driver side windshield wiper! And so on!  Your firstborn is fine....I don't do bizarre or Forwards.

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