Sunday, June 6, 2010

Been Gone a While!

I created a blog book at  It was a fun 400 page expensive book!  But a great one that someday if we all don't disappear in 2012 will bring my children and Grands an idea of who I really am.  I don't always show who I really am, but my book does. I also moved my office from one room to another which has been a joy don't you know?  Then in the moving of it all I lost the cord to my printer which uploads photos I like to use on my blog.  And then my computer puecked and continued puecking for over a week.  I upgraded to Windows 7, paid $300 for repairs and upgrade, and I love it.  Didn't love Vista so much....  So hopefully I am back with grand imaginative lies. I mean stories of real life drama and or fun.
I received a beautiful bouquet of peonies and placed them on my counter bar. That was a week ago and if you know anything about peonies you know the petals after a week are only tenderly hanging on.  My cell phone rang, I let go of the floor steamer handle I had up on the counter which let go and hit the "vaaaazze" and down it all went, water, petals, and all, into my open purse sitting on the barstool, and onto the floor. Must a been a million and a  half petals. Well, a hundred anyway. It looked like I could start a popourri business.  (I hate that blogger stopped checking spelling!) Anyway...I got to the ringing phone and no one there.  Back to the death of the peonies scene. I got the chaulk out to outline the mess but decided that might be over the top.  So instead I just starred at it. Then I left it sit all day long even now its still sitting there.  Can't vacuum wet petals!  The analogy is  cat pueck. If you leave it sit for a day it dries out and you very easily scoop it up with several folded paper towels..Don't want to get any on me ya now.  Glad that doesn't happen very often. Either neither.  Petals or Pueck.
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