Wednesday, March 24, 2010

UPS = Utterly Perposterous Stealing

The stealing word might be a little over the top, but I couldn't think of anything else this early... I went to the UPS store yesterday to mail a care box to my son and a couple envelopes with 20 photos inide each.  I had previously mailed the same number of photos to a friend at the P.O. = Post Office where they weighed and measured and tested the envelope to make sure it fit through the scanner slot which it did.  Same envelope, same number of photos.... The young woman gave me the grand total which seemed outrageous.  My mind recalled the box was only $15 to send, so what in the world of UPS, cost me $21 more dollars?  I looked a the receipt and frowned and then inquired as to a possible error.  "No error," replied the  young woman. I said, $3.90 cents to  mail one envelope? (And I had two!)  "That's Utterly Perposterous Robbery!" I said.  Then I politely, to make up for my outburst regarding robbery, asked for a refund due to the fact I could mail it (them) for .62 cents at the P.O. = Post Office.  Which I did.   Do not ever mail letters at the UPS Store...
they  have silent guns out to steal your hard earned money flow.  And so they can have Latte's on your dollars...when you don't have Latte's!
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