Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Their Public Display of Affection

I knew it was Spring.  The weatherman told me, the temperature changed considerably, the brown and gray snow melted, I got my car washed, my calendar stated SPRING, and most of all the birds started making all sort of noises.  I'm talking serious noises, not peepy peepers, but coo-ing, calling, chirping, squeeking, purring, and whispering softly then shrilling loudly. Basically they are communicating with such beauty it amazes me.  I never noticed this until last year....maybe I was selfish? Or rather busy living a superficial life devoid of the enjoyment of this public display of affection going on around me.  No wonder people watch birds.  Not that I am going that far, but at least now I understand totally.  They are precious little beings of life with their own way of doing it, life that is, as well as the other "thing."  I noticed today the little critters are sitting on ledges, wires, trees, bushes, eves, and everywhere and anywhere else you can think of... sitting seperately calling out to one another with such eloquence and perfection of tone.  I only wish I could understand their language. We humans could stand some lessons regarding how to display our affection and love for one another with the respect the birds do. Yet I suspect their tiny lives are no different than our big ones. Filled with the daily ups and downs as we all know our own way of living them, the ups and downs that is. I rarely see a bird get run over by a car.....or hospitals full of birds, or the med flight coming and going 7 times in one day like I saw today. Or birds standing in line at to make a deposit of money, or birds sitting at computers pecking away! The only time I see an equal comparison between birds and humans is fighting Blackbirds and road rage human drivers!Nasty!Or maybe the serial killer Blue Jays. Back to point.... I wonder what the birds do all day after mating and children season ends. Do they retire?  Maybe that is why God's Bible says, "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"  So if I am more valuable than the birds, can I have a new mattress and car, and a duplex, and and and.....thanks!! Oh, and then can I retire too?
photo from http://www.designgalleria.net/
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