Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OK I'm Back!

I am a person that likes to take pictures. Pictures of bugs, people, flowers, my dog, and most everything else. I even take pictures of furniture inside stores....and storefront windows, also the creative porches and decks people decorate seasonally. I don't have a fancy camera....its a Canon Sure Shot digital 7 point something and it works great. I tried to take a closeup picture of a spider, but no way was I going to get that close for a close up! And I do not have one of those honkin' big black long lens's. So that leaves out the spiders for now...and the bird closeups that can be pretty amazing. Guess my fav's are the pictures of items I would like to have but either do not have enough rooms for them or they cost the moon or I really don't need them, just like to think on them. For instance flower shops and their displays, or unique small gift shops that sell furniture and zillions of accessories. If I find a picture of something I adore I will put it up as my screen saver....that is always fun. Its like it is mine and I keep it for a while then move it to a save file until whenever... My little fantasy world without fairies...although I love to take pictures of fairies! Maybe I should turn my little hobby into online greeting cards for others.... I get allot of great ideas....that seem to just stay in my head. Least they are happy ideas in my head...
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