Friday, March 5, 2010

My New Red Coat

Hey, I haven't bought myself a new coat since 1994...wait, I bought one at J.C.Penney's in 2003! I had seen the one I wanted at the Boston Store about a month ago at a very pricey price of $280.00 which was ridiculous. The past couple days it came back to my mind so I made a little pit stop at the mally mall today....went to the escalator, up to the coat dept. which had dwindled to a small corner of the upstairs and there it was! The sign said $69.95. I said, "Let me at it!" The only one left was a large, but I noticed if I moved the buttons over I would be fine and still be able to get a sweater under it. I am so happiness! A new red coat and better yet, its in style, even better yet, no one else has ever wore it but me. When a "lady" somehow ends up raising all her children alone and working a couple or so jobs, she usually gets the second hand coats. Oh nothing like Dolly's "my coat of many colors" of course. And by the way I was wearing my new red Clarks shoes that are supposed to be walking the streets of L.A. I'm OK!! Then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased an inexpensive THICK mattress cover. Inexpensive because none of them are washable!! Why pay hundreds for something that cannot be cleaned. $44 smoothie and a new red coat all in one day. I am so lucky.... not to mention how well I shall sleep tonight.
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