Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Looks Like I Got A Tiger by the Tail"....NOT

I wish I could sing like Barbara Streisand or even just better. I wish I could run a marathon, well maybe not. I wish I could knit and crochet like my friend Barbara Mullally.... I wish I could have peace, real peace so I could finish my book, books. I wish I handled life better. I wish my face would stop wrinkling all up. I wish I could eat anything I wanted or least enough to keep me going better. I wish I had known more about business and finances. I wish I had never gotten married three times. (read on so I can fix these wishes).... I wish I had sex with (I am definitely laughing behind the scenes here) Buck Owens that day.... I wish I had more children. I wish I had no fears. I wish God really could heal without my help. I am laughing again...because you know, God helps he/she who helps them/him/herself. In other words, fix it yourself... He will lead, guide, and comfort while you do. THE END of wishes for today.
I can sing and pretty good since I gave up the cigarettes thank me...and the God that guided me, thank thee. I used to run 6 miles a day, but I didn't like it so marathons are out of the question or desire or wish. I don't like sitting too long so knitting is out, but I sooo appreciate all those that can create such works of art with those two huge long pretty chop sticks. I do have peace by the way, but I wish for more time to finish and write. As for handling life...I do, I have, I will, cause if I hadn't I wouldn't be here along with a few others that may have gone down, I prefer the word out, with me. My face is a product of too much laughing that most don't appreciate. I do! And I do eat most anything I want. I just have to stop and cut back on occasion for a couple weeks...then go again within reason. Too late on the business and finance God better come thru. As for being married three times...wouldn't have had the five precious children! None from the last one thank God again. Buck glad I messed that up huh? I could have been swinging from the hee haw swing set or somewhere. And children...I do have children...many of them I meet everyday and hope to meet more of. Fears....we all have them. Except I don't believe the religious fanatics who say if I loved God more I wouldn't have any! Get real....Get out of here.... I do love God and he loves me and no one will tell me different whether I have fears or not. So God...thanks for all my wishes that have come true. Except I cant stop and bury every little critter I pass on the roads that is curled up all alone and dead, after being run over by a hit and run driver who never knew it. I always tell them, as I pass, how sorry I am. I read a story about a man who stopped and buried an owl after it had been run over.... years later that man was saved from death at the exact spot he buried that owl... RESPECT of life and being thankful for even our mistakes. Cause there "aint nothin" going on at the cemetery. Or maybe there is and we just cant see it. Whoa..... I shall go to bed tonight thinking on what I wish and am....all good.
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