Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grendel, Major and Love

OK so I love this dog!  This dog is not my dog.  He belongs to a client of mine therefore I see him twice a month.  And when I see him he cries and shakes like I am someone he once knew deeply and has missed dreadfully.  Maybe its just the cheap milkbone biscuits I bring him, but I dont think so.  It's over the top.  Look into those eyes and tell me this isnt a very special animal.  Actually I bring him extra treats, brush him when my time allows, throw his tennis ball as far as I can considering I really have what they call a "girl throw."  I love this dog!  I wish I could babysit him sometime, but I have a little do da day 6 pounder that Grendel just might step on accidentally.  And a cat that could end up a big fur ball, or vice versa!   I am just happy to see him a couple times a month. As for the title of this blogpost... Major was a good friend of mine back in the 70's....I miss him and his unconditional love and Grendel fills that "dead," sad, memorable, good space for me.
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