Friday, March 12, 2010

Everything Is Wrong With Jason Mulgrew

Everything is Wrong With Me.....30, Bi Polar, and Hungry.
I was grazing around the bookstore yesterday when my eyes came upon this book! There are zillions of books every which way you turn so why in the world, or maybe why in the "spirit" world would this little rough paged book pop out at me. Maybe because it was on the budget shelf. No I don't think that was it because that did not become obvious to me until after I had stood there and read parts of it. I think it popped out at me because I have a bigger one, tucked, hidden, put away......just like it! Maybe even better. I let one person read it, a close trusted friend, I thought, and she told me half way thru it she wanted to slit her wrists. She added that I had better go back, try again and add allot of humor this time. I haven't don't that yet. Maybe a good idea, you know, like your Mother always telling you to make sure you have clean underwear on in case a bus hits you... great analogy. Except if a bus hits you, your underwear are going to get real dirty anyway so why bother. In my case my autobiography is still hiding because I cant find an old computer that takes floppy discs. Yes I am laughing... but it is true.
Point is: This book uses bad language, but I loved it. The guy has guts, can write, and made me laugh when I woke up this morning. Check out the beginning of his new site: My Life in Pictures... Not to mention his blog site that has had over 200 million hits.... Google him, he's everywhere today.
Not Nobel Prize winning book material, but more on the ordinary.... So weird its actually good.
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