Friday, February 12, 2010


Today I almost met my Waterloo. Not like Napoleon who surrendered, but then that alone would kill any man with a short guy complex don't cha know? Me, I was driving through a stop light that turned GREEN. Minding my own business moving ahead. Actually I was not being a defensive driver which I have been known to brag about. Not na more on the bragging concerning that subject anyway. Something made me turn my head to the left. Try a long squealing burning pitching sound coming directly at my drivers side car door. Closer and CLOSER! I could see the wrinkles on that woman's face! As well as her teeth, tongue, nose, and I think brown eyes! I shan't ever forget the look of HORROR on her face either. I was surprised at my calm. I just starred at her and kept going. Her car stopped as well as time, at the moment of possible, yet non -impact moment which was/would have been a direct hit at my door/body! I don't think I have side air bags. Nope pretty sure on that one. She flat ran that red light pure and simple. Just like paper or plastic. She did! I continued through the intersection leaving her sitting near the center of it alone and in horror. Me, I thought it was strange that my heart wasn't beating in my throat or that I wasn't shaking or crying or screaming. Then suddenly I felt my body get numb in various parts of it. The oddest thing I have ever felt. Fear was racing through my chest and limbs leaving in its tracks numbness. I never said a word, just kept driving to my clients home until it just went away.....just like that horror faced woman did. So... I almost met my Waterloo and surrendered my being to the next world.... but I didn't. Now its but a mere memory of an almost horrible crash where I might not have met my demise, rather could have been worse. So I will chose to forget this because it didn't happen. It only happened in her mind which was transferred to mine through her presence. p.s. I expect my Waterloo to be much easier than that anyway.
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