Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today I Did Not Fly

Today was the day I had a cancelled ticket to L.A. to visit my son.... But today I did not board that flight. Guess God's timing and mine were off again, but this time I paid for my mistake monetarily slash scarily. Try $800 worth of don't ever do that again without intense forethought and planning. Sometimes my head gets ahead of reality. Whichever it was it is for now. When I find a responsible human being to handle my business and a when I get more responsible to train my dog to be away from me more than a half a day, and someone responsible to watch her and the cat for a week, then I will board something to go somewhere. So today was a bus-y-ness day. You know the kind where you keep busy so as not to think. I rearranged small furniture, dusted, watched to see if the Tsunami was going to hit Hawaii where my other son was visiting, and did absolutely nothing much else....oh and by the way it did not hit Hawaii or anywhere else. It was a "Paper or Plastic Day!" Maybe tomorrow will be too....I am only allowing myself a two day vacation grief session... then back to normal life and a great attitude.
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