Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Lady and her Bird

I shut down the lights and off-ed the RV, sorry I meant TV or did I? I was cold. I grabbed last nights T shirt but realized it was last nights so I threw it as far a one can throw a cotton shirt.....a few feet. Made me feel better or rather it didn't and inspired me to move towards the dresser I am contemplating selling because I sense I need new beginnings..... I pulled out the bottom drawer and took out the "brand new" mama jama's I purchased for the trip via flight I didn't take today... Whoa, emotions try to hide don't they? There I was in my bedroom standing next to the $900 Rice bed I bought when I worked for some wrinky dink nice furniture store years ago, that was hand made and sent via a ship across the waters just for muah! (Not sure what kind of non-gramatic sentence that was) So I unexpectedly find myself clutching these cutsie baby blue and white's- and also unexpectedly clutching one of the hand carved four posts of said bed whaa-ing!!! Talk about getting outside yourself. I did. I am watching me hang on to a piece of wood, holding cotton ....(that should have grounded me as its all Green and earthy but it didn't for a bit) and staring at the piece of art atop my fancy old fashioned four poster bed with no canopy that I want. Now I start talking to the bird in the damn picture over my bed. Oh my God!! Literally. I talked to him too, you know? God I mean, so don't get all high horse-y on me...I got all weepy about the poor birdie and all something about the Lady in the Rain look, or book....and missing the tall buildings of any downtown bigger then where I live. My dream. Hugging jama's and seeing big cities... doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out... two scotch and soda's on a downer day that "brought out" how I missed my boat...then I missed my plane too. LOL Laughing Out Loud is about all this is good for because I am tired and need to go to bed in that canopy-less piece of wood...from Europe.... considering I got woke up by a family member with ADD three times in the wee hours beginning of this fine day that I missed my flight to somewhere. Why if I hadn't, look what else I would have missed out on today. Life!
It's now tomorrow meaning today and ALSWELL....
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