Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My friend and mentor tells me to make my decisions by using my "gut." You know as in "gut instincts?" Well it stinks alright because what starts in my head ends up like scrambled eggs or Humpty Dumpty that cant get put back together again....Or like a big ball of unraveling string. And we are all learning or have learned that what we think is what we get. Oh great, now I can think about how I cant be put back together again like Humpty or Scrambled eggs. Actually some decisions if made incorrectly without following the "gut instinct" could have those not-s0-g00d consequences. to cut the ball of unraveling string that leads to the heart and causes heart strings, and those strings don't live too far from the poor "gut" that is trying to unravel the mess and come out with a clean answer.
Sometimes I don't do anything regarding a decision which allows life to make the decision for me...again, not-so-good I have found out through trial and error. How much error can the mind and body handle? Pretty much from my experience. Not that I wish to experience such again. Letting life make my journey vs mwah that is! So, is my gut half full or half empty? Ask me tomorrow.

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