Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vermonation Relocation

Vermonation Relocation from their house to your mouse! What does this mean you say? Well I have another client who left me a note on Christmas along with a cute little gray mouse in a basket ornament! I wondered?? Then read the note. "Seems we have a mouse, or twenty! That is why the silverware is all on the counter." And by the way still is mid January. Last time I was there I inquired as to whether the meeces were gone now. She stated that one was gone... That they trapped it humanly in a little cagey poo and it had such a cute little face. I said, "Then what did you do, put it outside so it could find its way back in?" She said, "No, husband put it in the car (omg let me live) and drove it over to Turville Park (by the lake) and set it free!" I laughed really out loud... I hope I didn't offend her, considering her and her hubbs are both shrink's. You know Psychiatrists. Wonder what the big books would say about this? That is one of her favorite phrases...close anyway. So..the way I see it is the silverware is still on the counter, there are many more cute little faces needing a ride to Turville Park, and Good God I hope they didn't freeze considering they lived inside for Heaven only knows how long! And should just one of those little cuties find its way near me I shall be on their sofa, face up, discussing it the following week. Not sure why, but I cant do meeces... just something squibbly about them..or could it be my Mother used to tell me they will go right up my pant leg. You don't tell someone with my imagination anything like that because it becomes a permanent part of my brain cells and their memory path forever. Author of title rthyme is P.S Bell of Tuxedo Printing, Madison, Wisconsin
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