Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I guess I am just going to have to "break down", no no on the break down talk, rather I shall say, "come up to" joining the little red envelope comin and goin from my mailbox called Netflix. I just called them to ask some questions considering how I have been tricked twice lately by online crooks. I was happy to find out I can download as many movies as I want or have time for, for $8.99 a month. Heck I had to drive to the store, get out, lock my car, walk around looking at several thousand movie jackets, choosing, paying, back to car, unlock, drive home, watch movies and MAKE sure I drive back to the store, on time so I don't have to pay twice, then park, get out, lock the car, walk to the store, put the movies in the correct return slot, back to car, unlock, get in, drive home, park car, get out, lock it....up stairs....home. Now that's allot and I'm tired from even typing it to explain it. Which also solidifies my decision to order Netflix!!

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