Monday, January 18, 2010

My "Markdown" Angel named Goodwill?

Today was a good day to stop in at the local Goodwill Store, which is exactly what I did. The sun was shining, my car was shining from a wash job at our local Octopus, so I decided to see what I could find shining at Goodwill. Look what I found! Organza with four of the most beautiful rhinestone buttons I have ever seen. Well at least for awhile anyway... And it cost me $3.99! The grey sweater is sooo soft, and then add those precious pearl buttons, which are my favorite jewelry anyway... $3.99. No kidding. Then the Liz Sport striped cotton blouse along side the light brown sweater and leather Anne Klein shoes. Each $3.99. I am so proud that I got five quality items for $21.07!! That was fun! But I still like the mall....and Ralph Lauren for sure....

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