Sunday, January 24, 2010


This is sweet Lucy...... She is about three years old now. She found me one day at the old farmette as I was looking for some things I had packed away and decided I couldn't live without. I'm sure there was some spiritual influence going on that pulled me there that day. I was standing by the shed talking to my Dad when she came running out of the field and wrapped herself around my legs in a figure eight over and over crying the entire time. A cry that was unmistakably beckoning someone to help her. She was emaciated. Dad said the other cats were unkind to her so she stayed up behind the shed all alone in the weeds. I found an old orange milk crate, put her in it on a towel, put a dirty old piece of plywood over the top and away we went for home. I gave her a huge piece of meat that she devoured. She never cried again all the way home. But she ate and ate and ate the rest of the day. We went to the vet who said she would be fine...that her ear had been clipped meaning she was a Ferrel. We suspected she was spade and left out in the country to fend for herself which did not happen well. After two days she pooped a log the size of Texas from all the overeating she had done. We did have quite the laugh over that one....
Lucy has been near me but not too close all these years. She will get into my lap now, for a few minutes is all. She sits on my computer desk, and just recently she sleeps in bed with Gracie and I. That is happiness. She has anxiety issues from whatever dreadful thing happened to her before she found me that cold day on the farm. I am very thankful that I have the ability/gift to hear from the spirit... although sometimes I hear from the bad spirit. One doesn't get the gift of only hearing from the good spirits. One, like me has to learn whose the good and whose the bad. Cant say that's been an easy road and cant say I didn't fall into several pits on my long life's journey.... its the good spirit that keeps me going. Finding Lucy's and Gracie's and whatever else might wonder onto my road. And God let them be of the good spirits only, for I believe I have met my life quota on the other kind. Thanks.
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